Digital Media Technology
Reseach Project based on STCN

Download the zipped folder The files in this folder contain metadata, exported from the Short Title Catalogue of the Netherlands. The records are encoded using the MODS metadata standard ( For each book, you can find information about authors, the full title, the date of publication, the subjects, the format and the language of the publication. Using the information in these XML files, together with stylesheets written in XSLT, try to describe the publishing history of of the printer that has been assigned to you below.

Nitzan Shalev and Raquel Sofia Mendonça
Lescaille, Jacob

Manon Bierman and Gessica Sastrosoedjono
Elzevier, Abraham (I)

Aafje Baarslag and Martijn van Bommel
Luchtmans, Samuel (I)

Suzan Boreel and Petra StiglMayer
Luchtmans, Johannes

Rafael Gorrochotegui and Wouter Zwiers
Elzevier, Daniel

Annika Heijna and Geertje Hogenboom
Elzevier, Abraham (II)

Sofia Guido and Michèle Hoekstra
Elzevier, Lowijs (III)

Sarah Evarts and Mabel Meetsma
Wolfgang, Abraham

Rebeca Rui and Mirjam Rörsch
Halma, François

Joris Vugs
Aa, Pieter van der (I)

Answer at least three of the questions listed below. Use quantitative data (either in tabular form or represented in a graph) to support your answers.