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About me

My undergraduate (2015-2020) is in Classics (Ancient Greek and Latin), with a minor in Italian. I chose to go to Leiden University for this partly because I like how Leiden is a city, but feels like a village. During my BA I came in contact with the digitization of manuscripts through the Homer Multitext Project. I greatly enjoyed working on this and it set me on the path towards picking the MA Book and Digital Media Studies.
I did two internships in the field of the book while in my BA program. The first was at LAMBO, a publishing company for highschool text books. The second was at the DBNL (Digital Library of Dutch Literature) at the National Library in The Hague.


Languages I can speak

Languages I can only read

My hobbies

Expectations of the course Digital Media Technology

Prior knowledge TEI-XML, basic HTML.
Expectations Delving into Digital Humanities and exploring different types of code.