Marie Buesink

It's-a me, Marie!

I am 24 years old, Dutch, and I live in Leiden.

I have a BA in English Language and Culture at Utrecht University, and a BA in Japanese Studies and MA in East Asian Studies here at Leiden University.

In my spare time, I like to play games, read (especially Japanese) novels, translate short texts and game dialogue from Japanese to English, have movie nights with my friends, drink copious amounts of coffee, and play with my pet rabbit Pip.

The queen of our household, Pip, fast asleep (as she often is)

Languages I speak

Prior Knowledge I have virtually no experience with coding except for the good old days of slightly altering other people's HTML themes on Tumblr to make them look the way I wanted them to when I wasn't able to make HTML themes from scratch myself (if that even counts as experience).
Expectations I am very excited to learn some practical skills during this course, and I am looking forward to learning more about computer coding, especially HTML, CSS, and XML!