Hello dear fellow students and readers! My name is Sofia and this is an HTML experiment in which I will talk a bit about myself.

I was born and grew up in Italy. My family is very international and I grew up biligual, (speaking Italian and English) and used to travel frequently to visit family members. I don't have siblings but I have quite a few cousins.

Previous education

I went to a language highschool and studied a variety of subjects, my favorite being art history, history, and literature.
I attended the BA International Studies at Leiden University because I was interested in foreign affairs. However, during the second year, I attended a Minor programme in Museums, Heritage and Collections and figured out I wanted to have more to do with history and art histy than by BA allowed.

Here are the languages I know (in order of proficiency):

What now?

So then I decided to enroll in the MA corrisponding to the Minor, Arts and Culture: Museums and Collections . At the same time, I stumbled upon another MA programme which looked quite interesting was this one: Book and Digital Media Studies . My intention so far is to study the practices in the world of museums and collections and combine them with the knowledge about organization and cataloguing provided in the courses of the Book and Digital Media Studies MA. A concept which intrigued me was something mentioned in the class History of the Book 1: "create order in chaos and knowing where to find things".

Prior Knowledge and Expectations

Prior Knowledge During the BA International Studies I specialized in the Europe world area, studying its history, culture, politics and economica while learning French. I attended seminars dealing with culture, (especially cultural heritage) and its implications in politics and society. My BA thesis was a historical analysis of citizenship, from classical Athens to present-day Europe. Towards the end of International Studies I realized that we have so much to learn from history and we can see that in museums and libraries all around the world. So I wanted to implement that in my studies.
Expectations During the Digital Media Technology course I expect to learn acout programming languages and their applications to the management and organization of information. I also expect this information to be relevant for the other MA course Museums and Collections: one of the classes I will follow next semester is Curating in a Digital Age . I think that the skills provided in the Digital Media Technology course are very important in the digital age, and I hope I'll be able to gain a solid knowledge of programming languages thanks to the insights provided by this course.


In my free time I like reading books about various subjects, mainly literature, art, philosophy and (my personal favorite) mythology. I also like listening to podcasts about mythology, (ancient) history, folklore and comedy. I occasionally play some videogames (such as The Witcher 3, Crusader Kings 3, Minecraft, Overwatch, and others). I also enjoy practicing yoga and I sometimes play guitar and ukulele. I also like spending time with my family and friends as well as petting cats (and sometimes dogs too).