Who am I?


My name is Michèle and I am 23 years old. I have been living in Leiden for 4 years now. Originally I am from Friesland, which is in the North of the Netherlands.I graduated from a BA in art history (in Leiden) and now I am starting my Masters Book and Digital media and Arts & Culture: Contemporary art in a global perspective. So I recon it will be a busy year for me. I am excited though. Mostly because I am very intruiged by how I can intertwine these fields. So I am a student, but I also work in a museum ( Museum Bredius ) in The Hague. I like switching things up and thus besides putting my head only in books I also like to use my knowledge in practice.

I have found, within my BA, that I am very much interested in the combination of art and media. There, of course, is a lot of digitalisation going on within museums and archives, but also in how art is produced (in some cases). Within my BA I have also done an internship for an online editorial. Which was a lot of fun and which taught me about the world of journalism.

Languages I speak
My hobbies
  1. Reading
  2. Watching movies
  3. Dancing
  4. Listening to music
  5. Visiting museums
  6. Knitting (although I am not particularly good at it)
What to expect

Prior knowledge Expectations
I followed some media courses within my BA art history:
  • Digital humanities
  • Bookhistory at practice
  • Famous Books
  • Introduction to journalism
  • Internship at Happinez
  • And ceveral others
So I think I obtained some knowledge in the field of media and the book. But there is definetely more to learn. Especially for a booklover like me. I especially hope to obtain more knowledge of digitalization within the world of the book.
I expect to learn the basics of coding within the Digital Media Technologies course. I already worked with the programme Wordpress, so I learned to edit and add to websites. I really like puzzling with this. So I hope to learn a lot more about coding and webdesign, if that is how you can call it. I also expect to learn more about the history and background of how websites, codes, and certain programmes became to what they are nowadays.

Picture made by: W.van Rooijen