Geertje's CV

Previous Education

I have completed the BA English Language and Culture and the MA Literary Studies: English Language and Culture at Leiden University.

Hobbies and Languages

My hobbies include

I also know several languages:

Fun Facts About Me

My sisters and I are triplets. They are identical; I am not. You can still clearly see we are related, though ;).
I have a dog named Puck. She's a brown labrador and she's 10 years old.

I own six copies of Rebecca since it is my favourite novel. That's a lot more copies than any person can reasonably need.

Occasionally I write in my novels, usually in the ones I love because I know I'll reread those and then it is fun to see what my thoughts were

Book and Film/TV-Series Recommendations


Prior Programming Knowledge and Expectations of this Course

Prior knowledge I have almost no previous knowledge regarding programming, so there is plenty for me to learn during this course!
Expectations I expect to learn how to work with several mark-up languages such as HTML, XML, and XSLT!