Márcia Silva

Age: 21 / She/Her / Portuguese

Welcome to my profile!

Hello! My name is Márcia Silva and I am doing my master's degree in Book and Digital Media Studies.

Previously, I studied at the Faculty of Humanities in University of Lisbon, where I did my bachelor's degree in General Studies, with a major in Portuguese Literature and Culture and a minor in Experimental Linguistics.

Initially, I applied for General Studies with a much different goal, since I wanted to major in Biochemistry. However, I quickly realized where my heart lies. Nevertheless, I still got to experience varied courses, from Astronomy and Astrophysics to Language and Communication to Experimental Approaches to Child Language. My favorite course was English C2 Proficiency Creative Writing, since I have always enjoyed writing.

Here is a list of the languages I speak:

A few more information:

Prior knowledge Although I use digital media technology every day, I have no experience with programming languages or programming itself. I have ever only studied digital media in general and how to distinguish a good digital support from a bad one.
Expectations In Digital Media Technology I am expecting to learn basic programming as well as how it relates to books and literature. Furthermore, I look forward to gaining theoretical and practical experience in a field that is so relevant nowadays.

I don't have a favorite book genre, which means I am always open for suggestions. The last book I read was Be Careful What You Wish For by Jeffrey Archer and my favorite book is Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

A few of my hobbies include reading (surprisingly), playing videogames, playing guitar and, if I feel inspired, writing.

Finally, a fun fact about me is that I participate in an academic music group, where we sing acapella, usually in academic events, but also outside university (when invited). Our group name is R.A.T.A., short for Real Académica Tuna Acapella, and here is a link to last Christmas' video, made during quarantine: Happy X-mas (War is Over) - R.A.T.A..

Hope you enjoyed your stay!