Hello everybody!

My name is Karin, I'm 24 years old, I just moved to Leiden in order to start my MA studies and I'm very excited to be in this very beautiful city.

About me


I'm from the northeast of Italy, very close to the border with Slovenia. I come from a bilingual household, I'm half Italian and half Slovene. After finishing an Italian high school, I decided to do my BA studies at the University of Ljubljana, in the small and green capital of Slovenia. I've always been very interested in languages, so I decided to study Translation. It was at this point that I started to think about studying in the field of books.

After I graduated, I went to the beautiful island of Mallorca in Spain to find a job. Between working and discovering the island, I could learn and practice Spanish. I now can speak Spanish quite fluently, but still with a little Italian accent, which seems never to go away.

To sum up my language knowledge, here are the languages in which we can have a conversation:

My hobbies

My technical skills

Prior knowledge I have very basic knowledge in the use of anything technical and no previous experience with programming
Expectations I would like to learn how to use various programming languages and how to combine them with my humanities studies